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At Iconic Fitness, we believe that fitness in terms of body and mind is the best path to a contented life. We advocate fitness for everyone and completely understand any time is right to begin the fitness journey.

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Age is just a number. We always have a fitness class suitable for your fitness needs. Explore our classes to find the right one

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    Our professional trainers spend hours together to provide high-quality workout training and set new standards in the industry.
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    Our gym floor features a wide range of world-class equipment including barbell set, Pull-up frame & bar, fitness ball and much more.

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      Being in the industry for more than a decade, Iconic Fitness is committed to provide professional health and fitness services and a luxury experience to everyone at a pocket-friendly price. Each and everyone associated with us is a valuable asset and we always go an extra mile to safeguard their wellbeing. We strive to roll out more innovative and customized fitness programs to serve the community better and rightly cater to its dynamic needs.


      “I wanted to give a concrete shape to my dream of sensitizing people on the need for adopting a fit lifestyle and then Iconic Fitness was born.”

      As a fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast right from the outset, Mohammed Suhail, the CEO of Iconic Fitness strongly believes that a healthy lifestyle can do wonders. He has curated workout regimens and customized diet plans for the clients as a fitness coach. To him, it is more of social responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the community than just doing business. So, here he is with Iconic Fitness, already running a handful of centers and motivating thousands of people every day to transform for the greater good. Everything comes second to the contentment on the faces of the clients once they experience the change. That’s his biggest reward.